The Artists of Alva: Jiemei Lin

 Art is a Lifestyle

Jiemei Lin

For Jiemei Lin, art is a way of life and an opportunity to create special connections with others. It’s not a job; it’s a lifestyle. From a very young age, Jiemei has been drawing pictures and ingesting ideas from all around her. She grew up in Hangzhou, China—one of the oldest cities in the world. Jiemei calls it an “old and weird town”, full of all kinds of interesting Asian architecture.

Since this young artist didn’t have any siblings, she spent her time reading, making drawings, and imagining odd and surreal scenes in her mind. Though she was alone most of the time, Jiemei says she wasn’t lonely. Her artistry and imagination kept her company.

Hello Ramen Girl“I have been making drawings since I was young,” Jiemei said. “Drawing has always been a very personal and important thing for my life, like a nature need. When I was young, I wrote stories with illustrations. My language teacher, cousins, and friends were my audience. They followed my updates of the story in a very serious way.”

Ironically enough, her parents discouraged her from fantastic ideas like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and other “kid stuff”. They believed in science with all of their hearts and didn’t allow their daughter to watch TV.

In school, Jiemei was reassured of her talent in the arts. Unlike her mother who was a mathematician, Jiemei struggled in math and science but thrived in history, language, geography, and art.

“Fortunately, most of my schoolmates thought I was nerdy and creative at the same time,” Jiemei said. “I was a character with personality, not the boring one.” Continue reading


Inside AlvaEDU: Dr. James Canton Interview with Luciano Araujo

Dr. James Canton talks with “top geek”, Luciano Araujo–who is our Vice President and Chief Software Architect–about what makes AlvaEDU such an innovative technology company. Luciano explains our new solution, which interacts with other current university systems, provides state-of-the-art tablet applications, and open platforms for professors. This new tool is easy to use, upgradeable, and powerful yet elegant. Take a look at this video and learn more about it!

Guess the Desk

As you walk back to your desk from the water cooler, you observe the different desks around you. Your neighbor on the left has files and old take-out boxes piled up so high that you wonder if he’s building a fort, and your coworker on the right is so organized that you wonder if she is working for the CIA. Your work space, however, is more personalized and lightly decorated with pictures of family and friends, that mini Buddha you brought back from your last vacation, and a bowl of M&Ms to share with everyone.

Play the “Guess the Desk” game by looking through the desktop photos here and matching the desks to their owners (pictured below). Then follow us on Instagram to see the answers!

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So with all of these differences, what does your desk say about you? Believe it or not, a lot actually. Your desk habits are a small window into who you are—your personality, your style, and your background. Continue reading