Keeping The Balance That’s Right: Work Hard, Play Harder

There is a special smile that comes over Tim Loudermilk’s face when he looks at a tablet, or really any new gadget that he can get his hands on. You’ll see a Mac and a PC in his office at any given time, and an iPad by his side wherever he goes. Technology is his first love, but it wasn’t always that way. There was one other love in Tim’s life before his passion for technology began.

Tim Loudermilk was born in the small town of Norwood, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati. His father worked in the auto manufacturing industry, like most people in the town since it was a prominent manufacturing location. Most kids who got out of high school either went to college or worked on Camaros. But Tim did neither; he just played ice hockey.

“I think I viewed education like most kids do–as an opportunity to play sports,” he said. “I was a big ice hockey player.” After high school, Tim took a year off and worked for the Boston Bruins as their equipment manager. The job gave him unlimited amounts of time on the ice. From there, he joined the hockey team at Ohio State University.

“I was a left wing at Ohio State University and just had an absolute blast playing hockey,” Tim said. “I enjoyed hockey, but finally realized that I was going to either play hockey or graduate. And since I didn’t really have a shot at the pros, I focused on my academics.”

At the time, Ohio State had one of the largest grants from NASA, providing enormous computer facilities and programs to its students. Tim took advantage of that and spent less time on the ice and more time in the computer lab.

After graduating college, Procter and Gamble recruited Tim to work in its management systems program. Out of the thirty-two selected, Tim was one of two who had a degree in computer science. Continue reading


The Biggest Trends in Education Technology Today

In this interview, President and CEO Tim Loudermilk discusses with AlvaEDU’s Editor, Michelle de Carion, the current trends in education technology and forecasts the future of online learning.

Tim LoudermilkWhat do you anticipate will be the biggest trend in education technology this year?

I think full immersion of tablets is really what’s happened. And it’s not something that’s been led by academia; it’s been led by students. If you think about 10 years ago, no one walked in with their own computer, or maybe they would have a heavy computer they would use. But whether or not we want to put education on tablets, every student is walking into class carrying one. So I think the popularity of the Nexus tablets from Google and the iPad is an enormous factor in education. But I don’t mean just using them as a browser. Sure, everybody can use them as a browser. That’s great. You can use your phone as a browser. We could do that 10 years ago.  But today, their walking in and really embedding content on the iPad and using it like no other device. I think five or six years ago, everyone thought that Internet growth was the most powerful thing that was ever going to happen. Well, I don’t think you find today’s youth sitting in front of a computer. You find them with their tablet or with their smartphone out. In the world, I think this is going to have the biggest impact. So getting ready for that and taking advantage of it is really the next “big thing” in my opinion; and it’s happening right now. Continue reading

Inside AlvaEDU: Dr. James Canton Interview with Tammy Lawrence

This is the sixth video in our series with Dr. James Canton–advisor to AlvaEDU. In this piece, our Damage Studios team member Tammy Lawrence talks with Canton about the importance of engaging students with media. She explains how this is an exciting time to create interactive learning environments since we are in the midst of creating the future.

Watch the video and stay tuned-in with The Lab for the last video in this series, which we will be posting soon. We hope you enjoy this short and exciting clip.