High School Student Thrives with Online Learning

Sophie GarrettMost high school kids start their morning rushing to the car to make it to class, but for 15-year-old Sophie Garrett, school starts in the comfort of her own room—online. On a typical Monday, Sophie begins her day at 10:30 a.m. when her dog Marty jumps on the bed and licks her face. She then walks down the stairs to get some breakfast, usually chocolate chip waffles with tea, and then returns to her bedroom for class. Since her professors and classmates will only see her from the waist up on camera, Sophie stays in her pajama pants, but puts on a presentable T-shirt.

The Stanford Online High School (OHS) is based in Stanford, California, so even though class officially starts at 8:30 a.m., around the world kids are following a different schedule. Sophie is on Eastern Standard Time, so her classes are pushed forward three hours—starting at 11:30 a.m. and ending at 10 at night.

“This is a teenager’s dream, staying up late and sleeping in,” Sophie’s mother Wendy says. “Eight o’ clock in the evening is kind of primetime for her, so it works with her biological clock.”

Sophie’s first class is Latin, one of her favorites. She logs onto the program Saba Centra and puts her headphones on to prevent hearing any reverberation or Marty barking. As students enter the virtual classroom, they chat using a text box at the bottom of the screen. This gives boys and girls the opportunity to socialize before and after class like they would in a typical high school.

As the professor begins the lecture, a video window pops up so everyone can see his or her face. On the computer screen, students watch the agenda slide, which is much like a PowerPoint presentation, to follow along with the content.

Sophie StudiesIf a student has a question, they can click the “hand-raise button” to get the professor’s attention. The teacher can also call on students in class and bring up their face on camera for everyone to see. Much like a blended classroom, these “classes” operate more like discussion times. Students do their homework, reading, and group projects in between them.

Classes are organized much like a college schedule; she doesn’t have them every day. On off days, Sophie does homework and participates in extracurricular activities, like exercising with the Wii Fit to get her PE credit or singing in the Girl Choir of South Florida. Maximizing her time by participating in these activities and working hard in her accelerated curriculum means less time wasted, which is exactly why Sophie started OHS in the first place.

“The reason I wanted to go online specifically, and not to a brick and mortar school, is that I went to a regular middle school and I always found myself bogged down by all the extra time that was being wasted,” Sophie said. “It was actually very difficult to sit down and do work or study at all because everyone was always talking around me and being noisy. And online you don’t have those distractions.” Continue reading


Our Friend the Futurist

It’s always good to have a friend who can predict the future, or at least one who is pretty darn good at predicting the future. With all of that knowledge, the possibilities are endless.

Dr. James Canton is a leading global futurist who has been forecasting future trends and innovations for the past 25 years. Recently, he joined the AlvaEDU advisory board and will be a source of knowledge and expertise as our company creates new technologies.

Click the photo to see our behind the scenes pics from the interview!

Click the photo to see our behind the scenes pics from the interview!

Dr. Canton gained a lot of his experience at Apple, working with Steve Jobs as the Business and Strategic Planning Executive. In that role, Dr. Canton worked on the introduction of the Macintosh Computer, artificial intelligence, and next generation computing applications. After years of working for big, high-tech companies, Dr. Canton founded his own organization—The Institute for Global Futures, in San Francisco California.

When he is not creating out in San Francisco, he is advising and inspiring others. Dr. Canton currently sits on a number of high-tech boards in education, mobile commerce, biotech, and IT. He also advises corporations and governments worldwide involving trends in innovation, IT, health care, work, climate, energy, and security. Some of the groups he currently advises include the Whitehouse, MIT, and the National Science Foundation.

We are honored and excited to have Dr. Canton on our advisory board. Recently, our media team filmed a conversation between Dr. Canton and our President, Tim Loudermilk, concerning AlvaEDU, the future, and what lies ahead—not only for us but for the world.

A frequent commentator on news sources like Fox News, CNN, and The New York Times, Dr. Canton will now also be a returning guest in our studio and at our events. This video is the first installment in our series. We will be posting the videos over the next few months, so stay tuned and keep coming back to the lab. There’s a lot of talk about the future left to hear!